Mercedez Guardianとは?〜正解は「Mercedez Guard」です



Breaking Dawnを読んだファンからこういう質問が!〜ホントにあるの?この車??

Does the Mercedes Guardian really exist? (Breaking Dawn spoiler)?
I've just read the first chapter of Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer and she mentions the car that Edward gave to Bella. I've searched for it online and I can't find any "Mercedes Guardian." Is this a real car? If it is, can someone give me proof?

これに対する実に丁寧なお答えがこちら。正確には「Mercedes "guard"」。メルセデス社が戦前から防弾車として開発していたシリーズです。グルジアの元大統領のシュワルナゼ氏がバズーカ砲からの攻撃から生き延びたくらい、めっちゃくちゃ堅牢な車です。今ではビジネスマンが自分のステイタスを誇示するために買うようなタイプの車みたいですね。メルセデスのHPをみると「Sシリーズ」ラインがありますが、その中のS600シリーズのこの"guard"タイプだと、新車で45万ドルですって!今日の為替レートは1ドル=107円。さて、皆さんで計算しましょう。450,000×107=48,150,000円です。



They are called Mercedes "guard". Mercedes Benz has been making bulletproof automobiles since before World War II, usually heads of state and businessmen are their costumers.

There area lot of manufacturers offering aftermarket Armoring, but the interesting thing about MB is that they build a completely safe car from scratch, which deliver a much superior final product.

Edward Shevardnadze, former president of Georgia (one of the ex-soviet republics) survived an attack with bazookas in one of these cars.

They do not publicize them a lot, but if you walk into any MB dealership in the world, they will be happy to take your order.

The S600 guard is priced today, new, around 450,000 Dollars.